>>>> yes, my father's name is bruce. how did you get my info? what was
>>>bruce's mother's name?
Jeremy Gaffield

>> well, this is pretty crazy. for all these years i didn't think i'd ever
>get in contact with anyone in the gaffield tree, and here we are. un
>fortunately, one year short of the marines, i don't think i'll be able to
>meet any of you. it was rather...odd seeing my father on your site, and when
>my mom saw him, she said that he hadn't changed all that much. it's sort of
>like a "luke, i am your father" situation. well, more like a "luke, i am
>your father's father" situation, i guess. thanks for the information. i'll
>talk to my mom about getting a picture for your site, if you want it.

Jeremy Gaffield

yes i am going to be a senior next fall, though in truth i should have been one this year. but then again, i was a slacker my freshmen year so i failed. ah well, the discrepencies of youth. it seems to be something of a family tradition to find family members on the internet, eh? well, as far as my plans after the marines, that depends on what i'm able to get while i'm in the marines. i figure i'll almost definitely get put in infrantry, but i'm planning to push for mechanics training, and my ASE certification. if i get that training, then i'm, well, going to be a mechanic. if not, i guess i'll stay in the marines aslong as they'll let me. my interests include arduous physical labor, playing the guitar, listening to the all time greatest band-metallica, reading, and sleeping. unfortunately, i don't get enough of the last. Jeremy Gaffield (Luke Cheezwalker)

no problem about sending my email. i've emailed him some. the only thing is, if i start getting email from people
who think that i'm janice or something, i'm going to be slightly annoyed, y'hear?
well, i've got to go. talk to you later!

--- the luke guy