it's ok.
i was only joking about the "janice" thing.
i didn't mean to start ragging on bruce about his lifestyle. it's ok. it took me about five minutes to come to grips with that. and i do agree with you: it is certainly not in the genes! it seems that we are holding up family tradition with father and son being separated for an extended period of time and then finding each other.

--- jeremy gaffield

it's okay
that you overreacted just a little.
i probably would have done worse. sometimes my humor can be easily misconstrued.
if you can come down to camp, even if only for a day, that's cool. i'll try to find that stupid address for you, and no it wouldn't be something we would have to prearrange. i don't think that i will be able to check my email, but if i can, you'll be one of the first to know.

i haven't followed the play-offs, or any other sport really, except for what i hear at school. i usually focus more on music and laughing at my friends.

--- jeremy

last time i checked, my eyes were blue-green. i think. you might want to check with my mom to be sure. i think it would be cool if you came down before i went to camp. i can't talk long because i'm at my guitar teacher's house. ciao!
--- Elephant Bitch Phreak (name given by friends)