Phavorit Photos





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Gompah and Adam in the Hot Tub


ca_to_ch.jpg (11557 bytes) One of my phavorit prophessors on the day of my graduation from
Toni and Chelsea with Cathy (hidden L.)ghamton with a Masters of Theater.  Allan Jackson, Ph.D

My phavorit professor, Allan Jackson, on the day I received my
Masters of Theater at Binghamton

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bru_mik2.jpg (36223 bytes) Bruce and Michael, in NYC, 1995

Me and Chris at Candlestick Park
San Francisco - Xmas '98

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Dorothy, Toto and the Tin Man


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Bruce and Chris, 1977, I think.




Mom, Pops and my dog, Valjean

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My Aunt Evelyn and her dog, Star